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By applying mainstream scientific research to the wisdom of Thai traditional medicine in 1995, Admiral Suwan Tansuwannarat, researcher scientist and the founder of BANGKOKTIP OSOD, has successfully discovered a herbal medicine formula that is able to effectively help patients suffering from diseases associated to the malfunctioned lymph node, blood system and other fatal diseases.

Almost 10 years behind the successful story, BANGKOKTIP OSOD was officially found in 2004 and company’s herbal medicines were legally registered a year after and certified by Food and Drugs Administration, Ministry of Public Health Thailand (Thai FDA).

Since 2005, BANGKOKTIP OSOD’s medicines have been widely used across Thailand as alternatives to patients as some diseases currently find no treatment while some diseases find only very costly way of treatment.

In 2009, BANGKOKTIP OSOD has expanded its business to another side of the herb industry where BANGKOKTIP COMPANY LIMITED was found and started to move towards dietary supplement products, OEM and ODM industry





ยาประดง รักษามะเร็ง

Quality of herbs, modernized manufacturing process, and international standards given to BANGKOKTIP OSODand its companies ensure that all products are being delivered at best interms of both safety and effectiveness.

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